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When it comes to how Trends like Mobility, Cloud Computing and Social Networking have impacted our lives, it’s clear they have led to a dramatic Shift that has paved the way for Wearable and Smart technologies. Many people boldly embrace new trends and others are struggling to keep up. These trends have only just started and provide only a glimpse of what we might see in the next 5 years— and the Future is Exciting.  more . .




The impact of Five Tech Mega Trends – Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Always-Connected Mobile Devices, Social Networking and Cloud Computing – are not only revolutionizing how organizations operate but how quickly our lives are being changed by them.


The market for the Internet of Things — ordinary objects made “smart” by technology that connects them and the data they produce to the Internet — should grow from $655.8 billion last year to $1.7 trillion in 2020, according to a report released this year by IDC, a Framingham, Mass., research firm.


These Changes have had a Significant Impact on how we Interact among Ourselves, Health, Homes & Appliances, Vehicles, Entertainment, Communications, Customers and Organizations —Across All Platforms both Physical and Digital.




Empowering People

These Tech Megatrends are also the precursor for five key directional shifts that we expect to see before 2025, starting off with our shift towards a new Information Economy — where Information is being traded like a Commodity in Exchange for Services, much like we see with “free” services like Google.


The importance of data with knowledge will make it an increasingly valuable asset.


Networked Ecosystems & Biosystems — Context-Aware and Responsive Environments — are Expanding Exponentially with Sensors and Interconnected Devices creating an Always-On World that is Interested and Informed.


We’ve seen the Early Rise of the Internet of Things Paving the Way for Unprecedented Change and Opportunities. Knowledge is Increasing and becoming more Open and Pervasive, with Personal extensions of Technologies, we are Socially enabled to dramatically raise the Quality of our everyday Lives.


We now need to not just spot new opportunities, but also to recognize their potential for empowering us. Elevare addresses functional needs with innovative translations of validated technologies in the United States, Canada, South America, and the Pacific— An agile business facilitating disruptive technologies and support.


“The winners of the new industries— the winners of the new world —will be the ones that reinvent their industry with a new subscription experience.


An experience that is personalized, an experience that is real-time, an experience that is immediate, an experience that is ongoing, an experience that delivers unique customer moments.”


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